Sunday, 15 May 2011

When you go out for one and come back with ten

I LOVE City shopping, I know, I know, I went op-shopping the day before but I couldn't help myself! Yesterday I went into the city center to shop. It is of course rare to find $4.00 cardigans there so I went armed with the intent of only purchasing ONE woven brown belt and food for dinner ... and I came back with DVD's a new dress, underwear and a new pair of stockings, alas none of this without considering a brilliant red pair of Vivienne Westwood Mary Jane's for $280, it's a pity they were one size too big, they were beautiful!

I got very caught up in my favorite shop Aeon which had a buy one get one free sale! SO when I saw this dress (at only $40.00) I couldn't help myself it's amazing, velvet, stretchy, and hides all in its texture!
The hard part was choosing my free gift because she has so much that I’d love to have anyway I walked away with these vintage boxed stockings. They're your typical nude thigh highs but the best bit is their sweet little box!

Complete with emblem!

I wish stockings still came wrapped up like this! Oh, the glamour of years past.

For my Art and Design class we had to make a short film about a particular site we got given, (and thanked it's not worth anything)! So at about one am I dragged myself downtown to video in the cold for ten minutes!!!  And added the ambient sounds of my favorite city! Well, hopefully soon to visit favorite city!
 New York!

Lots of Love
        Audrey Megan

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