Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween! - Sunday Best

I love, love, love the holiday's and can't resist celebrating them to the fullest extent. So obviously I had to do Halloween! Yes, I know it's not actually Halloween yet but seeing as it falls on a Monday the majority of Halloween party's was last night (Saturday). Jake and I went to a party thrown by Good as Gold (fantastic shop) where the theme was dead rockstars. Easy, peasy theme for guy's but not quite so much for girls. So I decided to improvise and went as Andy Warhol's superstar instead, Edie Sedgwick. She was amazing and beautiful, with superb style but had an unfortunate taste for drugs.

I found a cute, but very, very large stripy shift dress at recycle boutique's vintage shop. Which I had to alter to fit, but it's so nice and silky and I’m certainly going to wear it again. Now Edie wore heaps and heaps of make-up, which I usually never do so I'm not very skilled at applying, I used this tutorial by pixiwoo to help me perfect the Edie look. 

Anyway, the night was fantastic and I got quite a few compliments on my look, and thank god because it took me agesssss to apply two set's of false lashes on my top eyelids.

Dress: Jerell of Texas, from Recycle Boutique (Vintage)
Earrings: Bling

Lot's of Love
                  Audrey Megan

Monday, 24 October 2011

Lace Knickers Zine

So with uni officially finished I now how four month's in which to work, sleep and..... do nothing.  

No, no not really not at all, it's third day in and all ready I’m biting at the bit. Yesterday we went down to the public library that has quite a large (in my opinion) Zine collection. I have noticed these before and had a brief flick though but I've never taken much notice until now. I've found that I'm one of those people that hate's not having anything to do, I feel fat, lazy and ignorant when I sit about browsing the web for the millionth time. Not that I don't love it, but ooooh I get frustrated sitting down with no aim. So I have decided to create my own Zine, there's a chance it won't follow the traditional format with lots of hand-rendered content because I love the crisp, clean feel of a magazine. But it will be a random assortment of photo's, art, fashion, stories, love and what ever else pour's out of my head and onto the screen/ page.

I've done a few draft pages’ pages already and due to printing costs the whole lot will be black and white. I'm thinking standard envelope size so longish and not very wide. But I'll have it all worked out soon enough. I hope to have the Zine finished by the time I leave for New York, that way I can scatter a few around when I get there, and a few around Wellington and in all the in-between place's. I'm so excited now, that I can hardly wait. 

The Zine will be called Lace Knickers, because in a way it'll be an extension of my blog, and who knows if there's enough interest I might make it a quarterly affair, but I must calm down and stay on track. Here's a few picture's of my draft page's. But they'll most likely change with time.

Anyway, lots to do!

Lots of Love
                    Audrey Megan

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Time for tea

The last week of university is finally here and so this weekend it's been go, go, go with homework. God, I am so happy that I study art rather than science because the homework is so less tedious, for me anyway. So this weekend Jake and I shot the final series for my Art and Design with the modeling help of my friend Ellie. The shoot was done in our makeshift studio, i.e. A1 paper taped together and it worked better than you'd think. The whole series is loosely commenting on vegetarianism and the over sexualizing of female's. Give it a look and tell me what you think.

Lot's of Love
          Audrey Megan

Monday, 10 October 2011

A Bloody Narrative

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For my Art and Design paper we have to create a "Narrative of Self", However taking a leaf out of Coco's (Chanel) book I have decided to create my my own narrative and so in some weird twist of thought, as a devoted vegetarian I have chosen blood, intestines and cannibalism. 


Lots of Love
                      Audrey Megan

Ps. It's a mixture of candy floss and water

Thursday, 6 October 2011

When did tacky become chic?

Sitting with coffee in hand browsing through Internet shopping a reoccurring thought came to mind: At what point did tacky become chic? Now before you all go, whoa, whoa! Back down there Audrey, I'm not attacking the craze... Well, not quite if I’m honest the majority of "Tacky Chic" I look at with distaste, although I do believe tacky chic can be done well. For example I find that Lady Gaga pull's it off quite well, but this maybe as she carries an air of class. Whereas Katy Perry tends to not, due to her (excuse me) but supposed willingness to "put-out." Yes, Lady Gaga does also flaunt her sexuality however I find it to always be in a much more self-empowered way in relation to Katy.  

The classy tacky is incredibly hard to replicate, and of course it's near impossible when everyday life isn't in the same context in which Gaga lives. The internet has of course been onto this so-called new trend, for a while now so I’m hardly commenting on anything new, and I’m not against the internet's exploitation of this it's a great money maker I’m sure. However it has managed to increase the number of 90's style imitator’s as well as over-priced plastic shoes and mustache themed everything.

Jeffrey Campbell

I have a preference for the classic's, although I wouldn’t been seen dead in a pair of Doc's I like the original’s much more than the new patent floral designs that are made in China, and I much prefer real to faux be it leather, fur (I know, horrible person) or label's. Speaking of label's and more specifically high end. One tacky chic designer who come's to mind is of course Jeremy Scott whose latest collection doesn’t disappoint in terms of tacky chic. True to form he uses a rainbow palette and mixture of unconventional patterns. Jeremy Scott does not appeal to my better sense's and yet he pull's model's from the top of the ranks and make's mega buck's selling imitation Coca-Cola bottle dresses and sunglasses patterned coats. So am I the only one who doesn’t get it? The last clothing snob left?

Jeremy Scott Spring RTW 2011

Sometime's I feel like I am, but then I remember I'm wearing my mum's old pig patterned jumper, that sometime's Jeremy Scott does get it right and that there's alway's Chanel.

Jeremy Scott Spring RTW 2011

Chanel Spring RTW 2011

Lot's of Love
                   Audrey Megan

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday Best

I love Sunday's, but then again who doesn’t? Our lazy Sunday’s consist of waking up at ten followed by two cups of coffee and a walk down to the waterfront for the Sunday fruit and veg market. The great thing about the waterfront market is the abundance of dog's out for walk, and the stall for Simply Paris (My favorite CafĂ©), + it was the perfect excuse to wear my new shoes! Which were deliciously comfortable.  
On the way to the supermarket we passed the library and picked up season's 2 & 3 of Sex and the City, (both Jake and I are hooked) and walked past the most gorgeous dogs that were taller than a miniature pony!

Headscarf: Portmans
Shirt: Vintage Jessica's Gunnies
Skirt: Homemade
Purple Stockings: Boots
Shoes: Overland

The super-cute Leonberger dogs.

Oh and when we got back Jake made me a super yummy breakfast on banana's on French toast, using baguette's that I had to run through the rain that had appeared on the way home.

Lot's of Love
                     Audrey Megan

Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Summer Shoe Situation

I own not one single pair of summer shoes and the NZ summer looks set to be super hot. Don't get me wrong I love shoe shopping as much as the next girl and have been known to blow many a pay check on a pair, however my shoe collection, as does my wardrobe get a huge clear out twice a year and this year it seems that whatever shoes I did wear last summer got thrown out like last night's dinner. 

Now I find summer to be the hardest season to shop for and by having petite feet, summer shoes the hardest to find. So for the last few weeks I have been trying to find a decent pair of summer shoe's but alas, I fear it may be a bad year and so I had to drift from my preferred brands and look elsewhere. 

I could find no attractive yet flat shoe and due to the fact that I have to walk a lot a high heel definitely wouldn’t cut it, so after weeks of looking I had but resigned to my fate of staying indoors all summer. Until I walked into the winter sale section at Overland, (a shop where I would normally never venture) and found these little leather beauties. 

The heel's not too high and they are pillow-y perfect to walk in. Plus with $50 off how could I say no? They are absolutely perfect especially for the transition into summer! Now I just need the perfect pair for my perfect summer dress!

Lot's of Love
               Audrey Megan