Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sad Farewell

It is always sad to leave behind something you spent so much time on and that so many people (thank-fully) appreciated, but it is time for me to say good-bye to Lace Knickers and to you, thank-you so much for reading my rambles. At the moment I'm toying with the idea of starting a new blog over at Word press as I love their platform so much more than Blogger so you may find me there sometime soon However for the time being I'm still on Twitter here and Nuji here.

I feel that I should explain my decision to leave, firstly after using Word press for my Fashion Studio blog I fell in love with the clean well designed layout and the community there, although Bloggers community is pretty great in it's self. Also Bloggers bloody blue bar at the top is just so ugly, it's always aggravated me. But.... Also this blog is very much who I used to be rather than who I am now, the post's became harder and harder to write as I lost intrest in what my  blog was about and how it written. You must always stay true to you're original readers but I can't horrible but true. I'm still young and my ideas, opinions and beliefs are continuously changing as well as my interests. This is the best I can do. The blog will stay online until the world changes just incase when I'm older I want to highly embarrass myself and have a flick through. So once again thank you and ta-ta!

Love Me!

Thursday, 10 May 2012


SO I have been so uber-busy with my fashion assignment's I've been neglecting you, but this will cheer you up. I have finally as promised picked my favorite uses of Avant Garde from Ginko Press's "I ♥ Avant Garde". Avant Garde was originally designed by Herb Lubalin as a logo but later became a full typeface and thank-god it is definitely  one of my top typefaces and I'm actually using it as new inspiration for my latest fashion studio project. The book is really great and cover's a wide range of uses and is totally worth a look. Enjoy!

Lot's of Love
Audrey Megan

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My First birthday!

Wooooo! Happy Birthday to my blog it's been live for a year and you guy's just keep getting better, SO just because I know you all can't wait the winner of my first birthday competition is..... 

Phoebe Larsen from Illinois 

Congratulations and thanks too everyone who entered there're was a heap of entries and I'm so flattered that you all read my little blog!

Lot's of Love
Audrey Megan

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


So university is back on again and I won't be able to update as much as I want, however for my fashion studio assignment we have to create a blog instead of a workbook based on the idea's that came out in our last project. However with this project we have to make our designs mid-market without dumbing down our aesthetics.  My last project used a mixture of couture and natural hand dyeing methods combined with a desire to change the silhouette and play with creating unisex clothing using the typeface Bodoni to help do this. 

So my blog for this will be daily updated as my work moves along and as we have to name our collection/ diffusion line I have chosen on the very simple and easy-to-come-up-with name of Typefair, thereby combining two of my passions into one word. The logo above took me way longer than I thought to create, I eventually decided to move away from Bodoni and onto Helvetica, extra light. So still a delicious font. SO if you decide you miss me (I will still try to update here, it's only for six weeks!) but you can alway's follow me here on my new blog for uni.

Keep in mind that tonight is the last night night to enter my first birthday competition here. Good luck!

Lot's of Love
Audrey Megan

Sunday, 22 April 2012


I have a big thing for type, and so although this series began in 2010 I thought I'd show you my favorite uses of font's in these books which are all exceptionally great. I borrowed them all form my university library I ♥ Futura is the first in the series, showing the classic typeface in use through many amazing projects by multiple designers. The book is deliciously designed and the projects chosen to be displayed are equally appetizing.

Over the next few posts I'm going to share more pages from the next few books and trust me, they just get better and better! Check out the other books now though over at Ginko Press.

Lots of Love
Audrey Megan

Oh and PS. Only 2 day's left! Don't forget to enter my first birthday competition here!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Mint and Chocolate

My new year's resolution was to be more creative and complete more personal projects over the up coming year, this is a project Jake and I both worked on just before uni started so I never quite had the time to compile all the photos and write about it. But I digress, When we moved into our new flat we did a lot of second hand shopping for furniture and we picked up this little gem of a dresser for about $60, it was all scratched with paint wearing and it was the perfect little fixer upper for us. 

Both of us enjoy mint chocolate ice-cream, biscuits, candy etc etc, also the combination of colours is just so perfect and so before we stated sanding and dismantling the dressing table we decided on the perfect colour combo.

Fixing it up took about two weeks because we had to do it outside we had to wait for sunny days, we started with sanding all the paint off by hand and going through four rolls of sand paper. before buying paint and choosing how we would paint the drawers (we decided on mint drawers and a chocolate table. 

The dresser came with gorgeous little handles that had been painted white in places so we just changed the white to mint and hopefully with time the paint will wear and have a cool vintage-y vibe.

Because it was an old set of drawers and I scrubbed the insides with all sorts of house-y chemicals to rid them of whatever bacteria may have been lurking we brought some delicious vanilla flavored draw inserts so now our clothes always smell super yummy.

We're trying to create a vibe in our house that represents us and as we're students this vibe has to be portable and possible to move to another flat when we eventually move and being in a flatting situation and students it is impossible for us to make dramatic, expensive changes. I think that the drawers are a good start as they feel like us, possibly helped by the amount of work that we put into them. What do you think? Do you like our ice-cream colour scheme? (oooh that rhymed!)

Lot's of Love
Audrey Megan

Friday, 20 April 2012

PULP - Back on the stands

The first fashion/ pop culture magazine I ever brought was New Zealand's pulp, and I thought that it was the greatest magazine ever so in 2010 when I went in to buy issue 67 I found nothing, and the counter knew nothing it took me about six months to find out that the magazine had gone into liquidation see here
So you can only imagine my surprise when I walked into a magazine shop the other and found pulp on the stand, Slimmer, 5 cents more and a complete design overhaul and issue 67. So I had to buy it.

New design aesthetic

The wording and trget audience is still pretty much the same and quite a few of the articles are good there's one interview with Sigur Ros' Jonsi and some cool stuff on indie films. For the most part it's a really good read not possibly as fashion focused as it used to be but that's possibly due to the new slimmer size. But it does have a goos focus on kiwi talent still. However I was a bit disappointed with the typical 'cutesy' fashion shoots that's are very much reminiscent of Frankie magazine (Which I also like, I just prefer Frankie to be the only Frankie).But I guess that with New Zealand's small audience targeting the biggest audience is best and I totally cannot blame them for that. I am very happy to see my teenage pop-culture magazine back and I think I will definitely be picking up the next issue.

Lot's of Love
Audrey Megan

Thursday, 12 April 2012

My first Birthday!

So come April 25th Lace Knickers will be 1 year old eeeeep! I can't believe I've somehow done it, so to commemorate this big moment I have decided to giveaway one $20 (US) voucher for, so you can share in my happiness too. 

All you have to do is email me at with your email address and on the 25th I will draw a winner! So goodluck!

Lots of Love
Audrey Megan

Think, now: if you had found a dead bird

This is quite possibly one of my favorite poems and as I get older I understand it more than when I was first introduced to it. I find it beautiful in a way that I can't really put into words. At the moment I am using this as my main inspiration for an upcoming assignment, which should be quite interesting.


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Ugggggh I know, I know I have been absolutely terrible over the last six weeks but you see our university runs in four six week blocks and this was the first of those four and due to possibly not having the best marks last year I decided this year that I had to really push myself, and so consequently I have been awfully neglectful of you. 

So YAY a holiday I as you know like, adore, love holiday's, and being non-religious I am able to fall in love with commercialism, I know I am a terrible person but I can't say no to a Cadbury chocolate bunny, hot chocolate with marshmallows, chocolate chip pancakes and getting Jake to wear wear bunny ears. 

Oh I'm also downsizing my internet networking at the moment because I just can't keep up with being so spread out so I have added three new pages at the top of my blog, There's my slowly building film photo album, Ted's New York adventure for those of you who missed it and another that takes you straight to my Nuji profile, so bye bye to tumblr and flickr I just can't keep up.

Lot's of Love and many more posts to come!

Audrey Megan

Monday, 27 February 2012

Hennessy and Hawthorne

Sorry for being such a bad blogger recently but I've had so much to do between interning, holidaying up the north island and doing my exec work at uni I've felt a bit flat in terms of blogging creativity. Weirdly I may have more time even though I've now had to add classes to my schedule I think I'll be able to better manage my time, fingers crossed. Eeeee I've had only one class today called Drape for design, which for those who don't know is very basically designing clothing by draping the fabric over mannequins and not working with block patterns. But anyway my "Eeeeee" is that I'm so excited to be back as now we specialize in a subject ie. Fashion, graphic design etc which is much more exciting for me than say... Sculpture. See, boredom creating sculptures, I can assure you that there are many sculptures that I very much like but that is irrelevant

I love the colours of our fruit bowl this week, a healthy mix for our first week back at uni after four blah months of holiday.

Mmmmm, loving the design for the cover of this book, the design inside is super cool too and I'm soooo tempted to whack it onto my course-related costs.

Talking about costs, when Jake and I went up to auckland recently I splashed out on these cute little morsels a Vivienne x Melissa collaboration purchased from Made.

Oh and lastly one of my personal favorite holiday memories was Jake and I winning tickets to see Mayer Hawthorne when he came down last week. He was amazing, we were lucky enough to be right up the front and both got ourselves a glass of Hennessy poured by him! My reaction is... It's bloody strong, but I wasn't not drinking it after all at about $70 a bottle I'm not likely to be picking any up soon, oh and also if he pours you a drink your not going to not drink it.

But I must let it be known that was not the highlight, he is a amazing performer with great stage presence and a voice to match, if you get the chance go and see him trust me you will love it! Ok folks, well that's all for now dinner's ready and I'm bloody starving!

Lot's of Love
Audrey Megan

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Propaganda, Propaganda: 5 year old's given rights

I recently read an article on Yahoo, which reports on a couple who after five year's have released the sex of their little boy. The article say's gender but you'll see what I'm getting at soon enough. The parent's, whom I understand to be a heterosexual couple, told the least amount of people possible at their child's birth what his sex is. By doing this they were trying to bring him up without all the gender stereotypes that have been instilled in us since birth. Now before I go any further I would like to point out that there is a difference between sex and gender. Sex is your body; your penis, your vagina, your ovaries etc. Having a penis defines your sex as male as your body is not equipped to bare children and vice-versa, sex is unchangeable. And now I know you can change what someone looks like on the outside but not on the inside, although please correct me if I wrong here. Gender is changeable, I don't know how easily if it can be day to day or needs serious time but then again that's possibly a very personal thing. Anyway gender is who you see yourself as and is I believe who you should be described as because quite frankly skin is skin and I'm more interested in you the person, not you and your genitals. 

All right now I know exactly just how hypocritical my next few sentences are going to be but bear with me. Piper Weiss, writer of the article handled the report somewhat horribly, because in my somewhat underserving opinion maybe, she writes articles reporting events that are factual. Factual. Interesting word that. The term for factual is: 
Of or pertaining to facts; concerning facts: factual accuracy.
Based on or restricted to facts: a factual report.

Now Piper likes to write in a Woman's Day/ People kind of way, i.e. She likes to warp the facts. Also the article is written in a very biased way, going against the parents not even allowing really for a word in edgeways. Throughout the article she refers to the parents as "partner's". Now I know that word can be used for a heterosexual couple or for a primary school lineup, but in the case of this article it is totally and utterly the wrong word, I swear the amount of comments that accuse the "lesbian" couple of spreading their "gay propaganda" is astounding. Gay marriage is legal, get the fuck over it, people are gay, who cares.

Ok so we have now established that 
A. The parents are not trying to spread "Gay propaganda" and 
B. Gender is a personal decision and 
C. We are all brought up listening to constant stereotypes. 

Now these parent's wanted to let Sasha choose his own gender and not be swayed by what he is taught to believe is masculine or feminine. Weiss points out that this dual gender may cause bullying, Ok, yes I can accept that aaand I can see how that would work, however I was bullied, my boyfriend was bullied, my friends have been bullied, hell my tutors and even you most likely will have been bullied. It's actually a rather horrible aspect of normal human nature. She also feels the need to comment and say that "Sasha may have less of a formed identity because of his upbringing, and feel angry at his mom for dressing him in flowery shirts and telling the world about it" and then flippantly say's "Or not" the tone is all very against the idea and even though she’s hints at the possibility of that this could mean a higher development of self she follows that with the former response. Hints? Yeah right she slams the door shut on such possibilities. 

My hypocrisy of someone who has more experience writing than me is obvious but then again I'm not writing a report I'm writing my opinion. For me the idea is somewhat revolutionary, I believe that if children were brought up in this way even just like Sasha and only until they reached school and got to form opinions themselves, there'd be a whole lot less 'koodies' floating on boys and no one would care if you wanted to play dollies with the girls instead of fighting. Gender is not specific and we are still fighting to ensure this, however it's a bloody hard battle. The main degrees my campus offers are art, nursing or business something that has made my university something stupid like three quarters female or more. If everyone stopped critiquing this little boy and his parents and I don't know took the backseat once in a while and really looked and felt maybe there wouldn’t be thousands of comments hating homosexuals and gender choices and we'd have more male artist's and nurses. This is my rant, but I implore you to make your own decision, read the article and really think about it, don't get angry with ignorance. 

Lot's of Love
Audrey Megan

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Wishes, butter and bulldogs

It's not yet halfway through the week and it's already going so well, I found something new to display on my desk top. But the only problem is at at $696.00 on sale there's no way I can afford these sexy black Giuseppe Zanotti steel toe wedges from SSENSE, but at least I can see them everyday this way even if I can't buy them!

The next thing that has totally brightened up my week is my new nail varnish from Butter London in "Tea with the Queen", I got it after accidentally using my old left over black revlon polish from high-school which made me suddenly regret five years on the dark side, perhaps more than I already do. Ok kidding about that part, maybe. But anyway this stuff is so beautiful once it's on and it comes off super easy too, one wad of tissue for two hands! I already own one polish from Butter in a sparkly red and once you go Butter or now I've gone Butter I'm not going back.

Oh gosh! How could forget?! My very exciting news is that I'm interning with Good as Gold in the offices helping with product imagery and the like, plus seeing how for the first time in real-life the inner working's of an important part of the fashion industry. So I'll keep you updated on my now much more exciting life (the office has two bull dogs in residence!). 

Lot's of Love
               Audrey Megan

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Cute Cards

Keeping with my new years resolution of doing more crafty projects I decided to make these cute cards to send out to all our friends and family announcing our new address. They were super easy to make and can be used for almost anything. Here's a quick guide:

1) Cut your card in half then fold in half. 
2) Measure the width of your card then cut your lace tape to this 
measurement and apply to top of card.
3) Apply your ice-cream applique to the front of your card.

Cute huh? Plus the homemade-ness is so much more personal than a hallmark.

Lots of Love
            Audrey Megan

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Happy New Year! 
I'm sorry I've been such a bad blogger recently but I've been enjoying the holiday's and Jake and I are in the middle of moving into our new flat. However last night I found the time to make these pretty glitter shoes from Elsie. I used a mixture of Purple, gold and silver glitter rather than the mix colour glitter she uses and they've worked out perfectly so I can imagine that I'll be wearing these a whole lot this summer!

After making these I was so happy with my out come I couldn't help trawling the internet for more cute DIY projects. I really enjoy making stuff however I never seem to get around to making anything so this year I guess you could call it my new years resolution is to do more craft projects and art. All of which I promise to share with you, and maybe come up with some of my own DIY ideas to share with you.

Lot's of Love
                Audrey Megan