Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Swan: Self-Expression Vs. Suppression

First off I apologize for not posting sooner, but I have been off my feet my feet busy trying to finish homework! And don't you know it is paying off!! I've nearly finished two art assignments a there not due in for another week and bit!! So while everyone's stressing out I get to relax and enjoy the weekend.... A little bit more.  So I was planning on posting the stills from my stop-motion video drawing but I carried right on last night and made the video, music and all.
Before I show you the video I should explain the concept behind it, or it will come across terribly no doubt! 
All right, so the film is called "The Swan," and instead of the alleyway it's self my lovely friend Keber agreed to stand in as a representation. The name I feel fits, as the story of the alley follows that of traditional swan stories. Starting out as nothing seemingly special and it grows up spreading its wing (figuratively) and becoming something of beauty and wonder before falling to a tragic end, just as the alley way did.
The colours used for the people who ark with the space are very intentional. The graffiti artist is made up of many tiny multi-coloured spots on a black. Thus, giving it a slightly grey shadowy effect. I chose this as graffiti artists are somewhat like shadows, you never really see them but they flit in and out. The multicolored flecks are to represent the freedom and the people, us. With all our differences and brightness.
The orange person who covers up the girl is the color of the council workers jumpsuits as they painted over the alley (literally).
Beethoven would turn in his grave no doubt as I have mixed parts form both Eroica's first movement and the first movement from his first symphony. This music is I feel relevant, Eroica would be my favorite of his symphonies but I think that it depicts the change and the beauty of the ally whilst the first symphony has just enough dark elements to allow feelings of shock and hostility to come through as the beauty is taken and locked away.

Ok, enough chit-chat heres the film, and oh, don't forget to comment about what you think! 

Lots of Love
          Audrey Megan

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