Monday, 9 May 2011

Bad Day List

Sometimes we just need a pick-me-up, whether it be that you've woken up on the wrong side or someone's been mercilessly horrible or you didn't get the grade you wanted, or a number of other reasons. Whatever it is I'm sure at least one of my top-ten feel good ideas will help, even if just to take your mind off it for a bit.

1. My all-time favorite + feel good movie is Amelie, it's a very cute French film starring Audrey Tautou who play's Amelie a girl intent on spreading happiness and finding her cute French boy Nino, a collector of photo booth photos who she meets by chance. The movie has a soft colour wash of yellow or orange, which gives it a dreamy effect. Watch this cuddled up in bed, with coffee and chocolate.
2. Bake. Bake anything sweet and delicious. Cute cupcakes, Rich Chocolate cake. Just make sure it’s yummy, iced and decorated! Some good blogs for this (both vegan and not) are (click the names for a link): 
Any of their recipes will give you an instant pick me up!
Sweet Vanilla Cake's
Mother's Day Lavender and Almond Cake
3.Go underwear shopping; I don't think anything beats this shopping-wise except for possibly shoes. Anyway go underwear shopping; it's generally cheaper than shoes and you can wear fancy underwear everyday of the week. Defiantly one of life's secret joys!
Victoria's Secret
Bombshell Balconet Bras
4.Go to library and find a new book I recommend:
The Philosophy Of Andy Warhol - Andy Warhol
Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer - Patrick Süskind
The Picture Of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
They're all quite old, but they're all very good Andy is quite funny while the other two are incredibly written.
5.Get to your favorite cafe and order a Chai latte, then watch the street life out the window or read the coffee shops magazine collection.
6. Go for a long walk to your nearest Warf or gardens, take a friend and pack a big picnic. I did this a while go with my boyfriend and we made enchiladas and had, pineapple, yoghurt, cheese, hummus, crackers (I wasn't yet completely vegan!) and juice. We went to the national museum afterwards and a part form the cold, it was a perfect day!
7.Scour Etsy for cute homemade trinkets, decor and clothes. Then make an amazon wish list, download the app that let's you add anything on the Internet then go crazy adding expensive perfume, shoes...anything!
Sailor Beret
By Zara Carpenter
On Etsy
8. Grab a cheap film camera from your local op-shop, some film and then travel around your city or hometown and take pictures of all the beautiful and secret things no one ever sees. Even if the final results don't work out, you'll feel pro while your doing it.
9.If you have a teapot, buy some rosebud tea and make a brew, put on your most comfortable leggings and woolen jersey, then watch reruns of Gossip Girl or Skins. Or Google crazy videos. I recently got shown Nardwuar, a music interviewer who somehow knows all his guests weirdest secrets. Find his website here.

10. Make a peanut butter and banana soy smoothie, it's super healthy and is the perfect sweetness, then paint your nails in baby blue or candy floss pink. Combined they'll bring you happiness!!

I hope at least some of my top ten tricks work for you! If they don't visit Gala she always knows what to do....

Lots Of Love
       Audrey Megan

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