Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Shoe Love!

Like many female's I can't help myself when it come's to a pair of shoes, and unfortunately as I get older the shoe's I want get increasingly expensive so shopping for shoes is a definite luxury. Thankfully the Internet holds a heck-of-a lot of shoe porn, and no, I don't mean kinky, fetish, shoe related porn. I mean the gorgeous, die of wanting to wear the shoes in the photographs, type of porn. So, today when I was procrastinating with my art + design homework I found myself wondering through the pages of shoes on the Internet and now I can't help but to share my favorites with you!

Mago, 160mm

Delicious aren't they?, and I would oh, say give up my cell phone for a pair.

Mary Jane Platform Clogs

Aren't they gorgeous! I'm not usually a fan of the wooden heel but Chloe's done exceptionally well, combining the thick, chunky heel with the cute bow and the tobacco colored leather on top.

Velvet and suede mouse slippers

So after two staggering pairs of high heels, I thought I'd show the feet some love with these gorgeous Marc Jacobs slippers, I can just imagine dancing through the house in these. The epitome of cute slippers! That and I'm rather in love with Marc Jacobs, my good friend in the U.S. just sent me a little goodie bag of Marc Jacobs accessories as well as the spring issue of the quarterly "paper" magazine! Oh, I am awfully spoiled! 

So, if your not getting spoiled at the moment, I suggest you spoil yourself I recommend a good chai latte and a pair of shoes. Until next time...

Lots of Love
              Audrey Megan

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