Saturday, 7 May 2011

Piles of Pumpkin

One thing about me is that I LOVE cooking and eating, immensely! And, I'm trying awfully hard to get my boyfriend to start a café blog with, as we have this gorgeous little fantasy of visiting every café in town. So when my mother came down at Easter, she brought with her a whole pumpkin that (and I wish I’d taken a photo) larger than my head.  So for two weeks I’d been scared to touch it, not knowing quite how to use it all, especially since I only cook for one. Thankfully winter's coming up, so the obvious choice was pumpkin soup, and I found an absolutely delicious vegan recipe here, however I added a huge gob of peanut butter, which personally, I think just finish's it off! I also halved the recipe, because I share a teeny-tiny freezer with four other people and there was no way six liter’s of the stuff was going to fit in there..

..And, so left with over half the pumpkin left, I outdid myself! I made the most gorgeous pumpkin pie as a present for my boyfriend ever! I used Vegan Writer, Angela Stafford's recipe and paired it with her cashew nut cream and blueberries. I defiantly recommend picking up her book, if you are vegan and even if your not, every recipe I have used from her book has worked perfectly!

My only problem is that now I still have just under half the pumpkin and no ideas, so therefore, a short post today I must get this pumpkin used up!
Lots of Love
       Audrey Megan

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