Thursday, 19 May 2011

New York, Here We Come!!

New York, New York, that's right here I come! I've said it and you'd better believe it! After two days of on-the-edge-of-my-seat anticipation, both my boyfriend and me got our conformation emails to attend the student art trip to the big apple. As I understand it we're going to be visiting a large number of exhibits and artists as well as perhaps getting some of our own work displayed! On top of all of this there's going to be time to explore and already Jake and I are compiling a list of our must-go-to's.
Living in little Wellington means that we don't have access to such things as:
News stands on the road
Giant pizza slices
Horse and carriage rides
And a s*** load of other stuff that we've compiled...
Yes, it's six months away and working towards the money is going to be tough but I'm so excited, New York is my dream, a center of activity with great music, shops, food, culture.... Should I go on???? 

I'm sad enough to already have thought of what i'm packing and not packing in order to have room in my suitcase for new clothes and home decor and shoes.... But I'm not the only one, he's admitted to looking how far away record and specific clothing stores are away from our hostel....  Okay, my minds all a jitter and I'm about to start watching Lagerfeld Confidential, so I'm awfully sorry but short post today!

Lots of Love
         Audrey Megan

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