Sunday, 1 May 2011

Curvy, a book of delectables...

Way back in February when I first moved down to Wellington to attend University I was at Gordon Harris Art Supplies picking an amount of stationary that required both myself and two strapping young lads to carry home, but I guess that’s what you get for studying fashion. Anyway while I was there I spotted the new Curvy anthology, Curvy 7. Published by yen magazine it catalogues up and coming female artists who work in a range of mediums and wow! Is, some of the stuff amazing. However after spending the hugest amount I've ever spent on stationary I was in no position to spend any more money, no matter how great the book. 

So I had a flick through and needless to say I was impressed by what I saw, and so I had always planned on eventually going back to Gordon Harris and purchasing the book for myself. However I very recently joined the Wellington library and being me I've already managed to issue far too many books to read in one month. But, the one I have looked at/read first and reread is of course Curvy! I was so excited to find that had it there, and it has opened my eyes up to a range of, painters, illustrators, photographers , etc., that I never knew existed before. The only problem that I've found is that I have to give it back, and pouring over the books contents multiple times has only spurred me on to actually make the purchase. Although god knows when that will be! Ahhh the life of a poor student...
I thought that before I left you I'd share a few of my favorite pieces and artists that I found within this book.

Well thats all for now, time to enjoy the weekend!

Lots of Love
       Audrey Megan

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