Monday, 2 May 2011

Horror in drag, the show's coming to town!

The Rocky Horror Show is coming to Town!! And it's just in time for my birthday!!! I remember the first time I watched it, I was about ten or eleven and I just didn't get it, it was and still is quite bizarre. However, the second time I saw it ensured that I became a fan. Of course this was just the film rather than the stage production, as this will be. I highly doubt my mother would have taken me to a theatrical production of it at that age, let alone any age!! For as much as I love my mother, and Mum I do. I don't think that The Rocky Horror Show is her cup of earl-grey.

For those of who don't know what the film / stage production is about, the film was made in 1975 and tells a story of Brad and Janet who are awfully straight laced and out driving on a dark, rainy, Saturday night. As luck would ensure their car gets a flat tire, and they end up at a nearby castle that has a host of wonderfully weird and different people, who are holding an annual transvestite convention.

Of course a house full of immaculately made up, crazy transvestites paired with a mad scientist and two ultraconservative's guarantee a movie that is out of it's own tree. Finger's crossed my boyfriend get's me tickets to this for my birthday. 

And, the rest of if you haven't watched it already, make sure you do!!!

Lots of Love
              Audrey Megan

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