Thursday, 28 April 2011

Androgynous Beauty

For my new fashion paper at uni we're looking at how fashion influences and in turn is influenced by politics. We have a number of options such as religion, gender, environmental aspects, etc., that we can choose to look at and eventually design a collection around. For my "theme" I have chosen to look at how fashion is implicated with the gender roles in society.  This decision was promoted by my purchase of the most recent issue of LOVE magazine, which focuses on androgyny. They have a number of covers, and I ended up with the cover featuring Kate Moss, however this was not my favorite cover. They released three different covers with one cover of Kate, one of Lea T and one of Kate and Lea T kissing; I personally think the last one is the best cover and wish I could have found that one (seen below).

Although this is now a relatively old issue, (February 7th 2011). I still thought I'd feature it because it started off my newfound interest. Before reading this magazine I was very sure that I preferred women to look like women, I liked the Hips, I liked the bum and I loved the breasts. However I'm now not quite so sure, I'd seen plenty of androgynous styling both in fashion and music, however the look never really held interest for me. However this issue, intrigued me as not only does it feature boys who look like girls, and girls who look like boys, but it features trans-gender modeLea T who I find to be unworldly beautiful and to top it off she also takes excellent photographs.
So, when I was given my new assignment, there was really no question of which subject I would choose to follow as I now held a more interest in how gender roles were defined by clothing. So last night and this morning I trawled the Internet looking at how designers had incorporated androgynous aspects into their collections and photo-shoots. I think one of the most exciting parts of research is making the mood boards as I got to print off every picture I loved and stick it down. As I was researching I grew increasingly fascinated in how especially the women became a new type of beautiful, which I'm sure many of you may have noticed before, but alas, I had not.

My first mood boards on Androgyny

It has also made me appreciate the simple, clean designs in ways that before I had dismissed, such was my previous prejudice to those who seemed to shun the female form in their work. This new found obsession with this somewhat un-idealized beauty had got me super excited for my fashion class on Tuesday, as well as to see how I can use androgyny in my own designs. I think that Vivienne Westwood was right when she said:
"In the pursuit of art you will discover the human race, and it will give you purpose and meaning"
That women is a genius...
Lots of Love
                                                                    Audrey Megan

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Late Night Cuts

 When my family came down to the city to visit me a couple of days ago we walked past Rodney Wayne, and they had a sign out looking for short hair models for their trainees to practice cutting on, and well the last time I cut my hair it was a joint effort by me and my boyfriend, neither of us are trained professionals ended up looking a tad rough and not in a good way. However I hadn't been seriously considering it, but since I set up this blog (2 days ago) I felt that I should both attempt to lead a more interesting life for both you and myself!


So I dragged my poor flat mate down to Rodney Wayne at five 'o' clock, where I then spent the next two hours with the amazing trainee Courtney who washed, cut and styled my hair into something that can be shown in public! I have to say the though the best part of the service was the head massage I got as she washed my hair, it was so relaxing that I almost shut my eyes!
Anyway the style we chose is long at the front and short at the back, a mixture of boyish and feminine, and as Courtney was being taught at the same time I got to see just how complex some of the cuts are, I always thought hair cutting was straight forward but as it turns out it's not, and my respect for hairdressers has grown considerably. Anyway you can't see the back but this is the after (below).

(and looking somewhat like a frightened goose)

Well, better dash I've got a load of homework for Uni and no time left!
Lots of love
        Audrey Megan

Monday, 25 April 2011

Chocolate, Bunny Ears, and a New Blog

I love Easter, I really do. I woke up this morning after being bombarded by my little brother who's excitement at the thought of chocolate for breakfast was just all too much, however mum, the ever responsible parent managed to get some rice crispies down him before he managed to start on his sugar rush. Thats the first thing I love about Easter, is how excited the little children get over the thought of rabbits delivering chocolate, the second is the fact that for once it is completely acceptable to wear bunny ears all day and thankfully my chocolate surprise came with fluffy bunny ears with dark brown silk insides, oh and of course there was a chocolate egg to go with it all nom, nom, nom!!

The third thing I love about Easter of course has to be hot cross buns, so when I came home today I made  my delighted flatmates toasted Hot crossies with butter and boysenberry jam... unfortunately taking two attempts as I burnt the first lot!!
So Easter has me feeling all happy and warm which is the complete opposite of the sky outside, it's rather inspiring, the warmth and happiness and therefore I have decided to spread the love to potential readers. I'm sure as potential readers, you would like a bit of an idea what I'm going to write about... Well, I guess you'll have to wait and see!!
Lots of Love
                Audrey Megan