Thursday, 28 July 2011

Clouds of Marshmallows

I love freebies, and so when I saw that the French Art Shop had a colouring competition, being 19 years of age, but a three year old at heart I couldn't resist! Especially when I saw the prizes! For first prize they had a complete set of veeeery expensive felt pens, that many people use in fashion design and for second prize a huge wooden box of deluxe pencils!  
Now before I go on any further and you think, "You weirdo! Trying to get one over all the kids!” Let me just explain the majority of the French Art shop's clientele are university design students and the prizes are not what you'd give to an eight year old.  
I chose the one with the most to colour in and without a race car/spaceship, and used watercolour pencils to blend, (I really want those pens!). I think that the acid trip/children's fantasy world is kind of cute, what do you think?
The sea is bubbling lava and the sky is radioactive! But the clouds are made out of marshmallows! Yum :)

Anyway the staff were really happy when I went in to hand in my entry, I don't think they got too many as most people thought it was for children. So finger's crossed!

Lots of Love
         Audrey Megan 

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Day to Day Design

Well, the sausage sizzle was a flop! I mean I did have the odds stacked against me:
1) It was Friday and nobody (!) Goes to uni on a Friday
2) It was Windy and Rainy

So I earnt $34 therefore gaining a $3 profit! Great! NYC here I come! Just kidding. However I do plan on doing one in the city next weekend so fingers crossed I sell all my sausages and make a bit of dough!

However, that hardly makes for an interesting blog post so moving on!

Ok, so I have a secret, I'm a bit of a collector / hoarder, and no not the type that can't see their floor and are seen on 20/20. Actually as soon as I find something not in regular use I usually throw it out as I can't stand clutter, so I'm making a bit of a contradiction! But when I do find interesting business cards, tags or unused napkins I take them away with me and have built up a bit of a collection! 

So I have taken / gotten Jake to take a few photos of my favorites, all of these are quite recently collected too:

I picked this one up when I recently buying a jacket from this shop I love the simplicity and it's very reminiscent of the Chanel card lower down.

I haven't actually been here, but it's a hairdressers and it's very cute from what I've seen through the windows. It’s all very stylized with retro hairdryers in the window and funky furniture.

This is a cute little vintage boutique that specializes in men’s wear, but they do have a few women's items and it's situated next to my all time favorite vintage shop Aeon!

This is adverting a German art exhibition at my university, which I really keep meaning to go to .he design is very simple But I like the semitransparent nature of the colored text.

Very similar to the Marcs one above, but Chanel did do it first. This was a perfume sample when way back at the beginning of the year I was searching for my perfect scent. But anyway I love the clear cut spaced lettering and the simple black on white.

I should possibly start to show more design-y type things on here as design is more my passion than anything else. So, I vow to try, although I am seeing the last Harry Potter tomorrow night so if it's good I'll possibly rave on about that. Ohh we shall just have to see I guess...

Lots of Love
Audrey Megan

Thursday, 21 July 2011

When life presents a challenge battle with... Irony?

So, I know I have seemingly joined the ranks of the many bloggers that went under in three months! BUT! I am determined to trudge on and continue writing this! 

So as I mentioned a looong time ago I'm going to NYC in November and in order to ensure that I am able to go and exhibit, and experience I am doing a few fundraisers! My first one is tomorrow and gosh I hope it doesn't rain. Ironically I'm doing a sausage sizzle, which is doubled by the fact that while I am vegan my boyfriend and helper is vegetarian.... I know it's quite the gimmick. 

Of course I had to advertise the event around my uni and so I tried my hand at graphic design! eeek and well I found that I am defiantly not cut out to be a graphic designer. But I think it will do the job, what do you think?

Well, I now must go off and buy 75 sausages, hmmmm it still doesn't quite feel natural...

Lots of Love
                  Audrey Megan

Monday, 4 July 2011

The most amazing video you will see today!

Just a quick post to say

Watch This!

My boyfriend found it on Vimeo the other day and I just have to share it. It is one of the most beautiful videos I have seen in good while.

Sorry for the short post, I promise to post again soon!

Lots of Love
                Audrey Megan

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Cutie in the Car

Ok so I haven't posted in a while but I have the excuse of being out of Internet, cell phone and T.V. service, way back in the middle of nowhere at my Mum's house. The good thing though about being there is that everything is so cheap! For example in Wellington it's around $18 to get film put onto CD, whilst up at my Mum's it's only $10.

Usually this wouldn't be a very impotent bit of information for me. However I really, really want to know how to take good photo's for when I'm in New York in November, and seeing as I most defiantly cannot afford a nice digital and I also don't really need one. My cousin gave me a Pentax Z-10, which is a film camera and I also have use of my Mum's P-30N Pentax so I have been mucking around trying to teach myself how to take photo's with some level of skill / knowledge / luck. By beginner's luck I have managed to take some photos that I don't think are half bad and so I have created a Flickr to show them. Here are some of my favorites:

You can see my flickr and check out my other photos here

Lot's of Love
          Audrey Megan