Monday, 27 February 2012

Hennessy and Hawthorne

Sorry for being such a bad blogger recently but I've had so much to do between interning, holidaying up the north island and doing my exec work at uni I've felt a bit flat in terms of blogging creativity. Weirdly I may have more time even though I've now had to add classes to my schedule I think I'll be able to better manage my time, fingers crossed. Eeeee I've had only one class today called Drape for design, which for those who don't know is very basically designing clothing by draping the fabric over mannequins and not working with block patterns. But anyway my "Eeeeee" is that I'm so excited to be back as now we specialize in a subject ie. Fashion, graphic design etc which is much more exciting for me than say... Sculpture. See, boredom creating sculptures, I can assure you that there are many sculptures that I very much like but that is irrelevant

I love the colours of our fruit bowl this week, a healthy mix for our first week back at uni after four blah months of holiday.

Mmmmm, loving the design for the cover of this book, the design inside is super cool too and I'm soooo tempted to whack it onto my course-related costs.

Talking about costs, when Jake and I went up to auckland recently I splashed out on these cute little morsels a Vivienne x Melissa collaboration purchased from Made.

Oh and lastly one of my personal favorite holiday memories was Jake and I winning tickets to see Mayer Hawthorne when he came down last week. He was amazing, we were lucky enough to be right up the front and both got ourselves a glass of Hennessy poured by him! My reaction is... It's bloody strong, but I wasn't not drinking it after all at about $70 a bottle I'm not likely to be picking any up soon, oh and also if he pours you a drink your not going to not drink it.

But I must let it be known that was not the highlight, he is a amazing performer with great stage presence and a voice to match, if you get the chance go and see him trust me you will love it! Ok folks, well that's all for now dinner's ready and I'm bloody starving!

Lot's of Love
Audrey Megan

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