Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Ugggggh I know, I know I have been absolutely terrible over the last six weeks but you see our university runs in four six week blocks and this was the first of those four and due to possibly not having the best marks last year I decided this year that I had to really push myself, and so consequently I have been awfully neglectful of you. 

So YAY a holiday I as you know like, adore, love holiday's, and being non-religious I am able to fall in love with commercialism, I know I am a terrible person but I can't say no to a Cadbury chocolate bunny, hot chocolate with marshmallows, chocolate chip pancakes and getting Jake to wear wear bunny ears. 

Oh I'm also downsizing my internet networking at the moment because I just can't keep up with being so spread out so I have added three new pages at the top of my blog, There's my slowly building film photo album, Ted's New York adventure for those of you who missed it and another that takes you straight to my Nuji profile, so bye bye to tumblr and flickr I just can't keep up.

Lot's of Love and many more posts to come!

Audrey Megan

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