Saturday, 21 April 2012

Mint and Chocolate

My new year's resolution was to be more creative and complete more personal projects over the up coming year, this is a project Jake and I both worked on just before uni started so I never quite had the time to compile all the photos and write about it. But I digress, When we moved into our new flat we did a lot of second hand shopping for furniture and we picked up this little gem of a dresser for about $60, it was all scratched with paint wearing and it was the perfect little fixer upper for us. 

Both of us enjoy mint chocolate ice-cream, biscuits, candy etc etc, also the combination of colours is just so perfect and so before we stated sanding and dismantling the dressing table we decided on the perfect colour combo.

Fixing it up took about two weeks because we had to do it outside we had to wait for sunny days, we started with sanding all the paint off by hand and going through four rolls of sand paper. before buying paint and choosing how we would paint the drawers (we decided on mint drawers and a chocolate table. 

The dresser came with gorgeous little handles that had been painted white in places so we just changed the white to mint and hopefully with time the paint will wear and have a cool vintage-y vibe.

Because it was an old set of drawers and I scrubbed the insides with all sorts of house-y chemicals to rid them of whatever bacteria may have been lurking we brought some delicious vanilla flavored draw inserts so now our clothes always smell super yummy.

We're trying to create a vibe in our house that represents us and as we're students this vibe has to be portable and possible to move to another flat when we eventually move and being in a flatting situation and students it is impossible for us to make dramatic, expensive changes. I think that the drawers are a good start as they feel like us, possibly helped by the amount of work that we put into them. What do you think? Do you like our ice-cream colour scheme? (oooh that rhymed!)

Lot's of Love
Audrey Megan

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