Friday, 20 April 2012

PULP - Back on the stands

The first fashion/ pop culture magazine I ever brought was New Zealand's pulp, and I thought that it was the greatest magazine ever so in 2010 when I went in to buy issue 67 I found nothing, and the counter knew nothing it took me about six months to find out that the magazine had gone into liquidation see here
So you can only imagine my surprise when I walked into a magazine shop the other and found pulp on the stand, Slimmer, 5 cents more and a complete design overhaul and issue 67. So I had to buy it.

New design aesthetic

The wording and trget audience is still pretty much the same and quite a few of the articles are good there's one interview with Sigur Ros' Jonsi and some cool stuff on indie films. For the most part it's a really good read not possibly as fashion focused as it used to be but that's possibly due to the new slimmer size. But it does have a goos focus on kiwi talent still. However I was a bit disappointed with the typical 'cutesy' fashion shoots that's are very much reminiscent of Frankie magazine (Which I also like, I just prefer Frankie to be the only Frankie).But I guess that with New Zealand's small audience targeting the biggest audience is best and I totally cannot blame them for that. I am very happy to see my teenage pop-culture magazine back and I think I will definitely be picking up the next issue.

Lot's of Love
Audrey Megan

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