Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Wishes, butter and bulldogs

It's not yet halfway through the week and it's already going so well, I found something new to display on my desk top. But the only problem is at at $696.00 on sale there's no way I can afford these sexy black Giuseppe Zanotti steel toe wedges from SSENSE, but at least I can see them everyday this way even if I can't buy them!

The next thing that has totally brightened up my week is my new nail varnish from Butter London in "Tea with the Queen", I got it after accidentally using my old left over black revlon polish from high-school which made me suddenly regret five years on the dark side, perhaps more than I already do. Ok kidding about that part, maybe. But anyway this stuff is so beautiful once it's on and it comes off super easy too, one wad of tissue for two hands! I already own one polish from Butter in a sparkly red and once you go Butter or now I've gone Butter I'm not going back.

Oh gosh! How could forget?! My very exciting news is that I'm interning with Good as Gold in the offices helping with product imagery and the like, plus seeing how for the first time in real-life the inner working's of an important part of the fashion industry. So I'll keep you updated on my now much more exciting life (the office has two bull dogs in residence!). 

Lot's of Love
               Audrey Megan

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