Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My new addiction.....

These are my first four Polyvore set's on my new account, I forgot just how addictive it can be. The last time I used it I was still in high school wasting time with my friend Jessie doing "Research" for sewing class. So after my afternoon of Polyvore addiction I've decided on a new "mini-column" which feature's on the side of my blog that will showcase my most recently made set's, however I will also upload them to Facebook and you can also see them on my Polyvore page.

This new little mini-column is also my way of trying to incorporate more fashion into Lace Knickers as it is my life's passion, without taking away my ability to continue writing a random array of articles. Oh and if you have your own Polyvore or are just starting one email me the link? I'd be so interested to see your own style and take on presentation!

Lot's of Love
             Audrey Megan