Monday, 5 December 2011

New York, I miss you....(Part 4)

Phew up to part four, soon I'll be able to tell you about all the exciting things that have been happening to be recently but I'll never forgive myself If I skip over New York there was just so much that happened in the 19 days we were there and tomorrow it'll have been a month since we left. So as a Fashion Student I was soooo excited to be able to go to New York which I heard had excellent fashion sense and I was looking forward to the shopping especially. But I had to say I was somewhat disappointed in Manhattan especially, Don't get me wrong Barney's and Chanel probably had wonderful clothes but I'm not really in the right economic situation for that. I actually found most of my clothes in Brooklyn and Soho, possibly not a surprise to New Yorker's but the myths that come out of New York had me believing different. Majority of the fast-fashion store over there like New Zealand sold... crap with the exception of Urban Outfitter's but that could be debated whether they really are fast-fashion as they bring in clothes from many different brands and so it's not them pumping out hundreds of the same designs. However in Williamsburg in Brooklyn we found the best shop ever it's called In God We Trust and all there clothing is made in America plus everything is just soo nice and great quality. I got such a gorgeous dress from there in black with a open back and mustard green silk for the collar and the sleeves. No doubt it'll end up on a Sunday Best post soon!

We also went to the Doc Marten's store in Soho we I experienced possibly some of the best customer service I've ever had. The first week we went there and I finally got around to replacing my tired old pair of Chuck Taylor's with a pair of made in England Vintage 1461's and this very cool guy who had mad hair served me and then the next week we went back to the same store where Jake got a pair of made in England burgundy 3989's which are actually pretty spectacular and anyway this guy remembered me down to the pair of shoes I'd brought, impressed much.

Soho is also home to the Taschen shop which publishes many, many amazing books on art, fashion, photography, Design etc, etc. And Yay! It was their 25th Anniversary which meant that they were having a huge sale and I manage to pick up 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers for a mint and it is absolutely amazing although so far I haven’t had too much time to actually sit down and read it because Jake and I are in the middle of moving out of our current apartment and into a new one!

Oh and I also forgot while we were in Soho on one of our many shopping and exploration trips both Jake and I were spotted by Fashionista and put up on their website Jake's is here and mine's here!

Only one more part to go, and then I'll stop rabbiting on about New York I promise.

Lot's of Love
                   Audrey Megan

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