Monday, 5 December 2011

New York, I miss you....(Part 5)

Art, culture, shopping, sex and food New York was amazing and I do truly miss it I can guarantee a return trip and I can only hope that it'll be sooner rather than later. So many friends and acquaintances have asked me what my all-time favorite part of NY was and at first so many thing's spring to mind, the view from the Empire State, The duck that I guiltily ate at Niles Restaurant, managing to find the perfect dress as well as getting snapped by one of my favorite blogs. But in the end I think it has to be the famous, grand and dazzlingly beautiful Central Park we spent a lot of time there walking through the orange and yellow leaves, climbing rocky hills and watching the many dogs being walked. It is such an amazing place very quite and serene in most places and so different from the fast-paced surrounding city. 

The colour of the leaves were so beautiful to walk through.

The lake.

Parts of the park look as if they're out of a fairytale.

Oh and I almost forgot (and how could I!) while we were over there we managed to to see a friend who ten years ago had been a home stay student staying at my house, I was nine and she was seventeen and seeing her again was amazing something I could not have dreamed of happening. So next time we see each other will definitely be a lot sooner than ten years time.

So now this five part series has come to an end and Jake and I now face a day of moving everything into our new apartment by three eeeek!!! It's going to be a long day.

Lots of Love
                     Audrey Megan

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