Saturday, 3 December 2011

New York, I Miss You.... (Part 3)

So as well as all these fabulous art museums and artists we also did plenty of other very tourist-y things, we managed to make it up to the top of The Empire State building just as sunset was finishing making for a terrifically brilliant view and we stayed long after it was dark as the city looks extraordinary at night. Luckily Jake managed to get a lot of pictures on this trip (11 rolls of film, and 4 cameras + he brought a polaroid camera when we were there) because I'm terrible at remembering to take them and of my own two rolls of film I still haven’t gotten round to getting either of them developed.

On one of our first nights in New York we went to Madame Tussauds, which I was looking forward to immensely. I have to say the wax figures are amazing as long as you don't look at that hands which were a bit worn and too shiny to constitute as real. Majority of the wax figures looked like who they’re meant to be however I actually struggled a bit with the Miley Cyrus one. Our all time favorite was Andy Warhol and we both took a picture with him that could pass for real except for the sign in the back showing his name. Also the 4D movie was so cool, I really hope this catches on because if there's anyone out there who doesn’t like me know what a 4D movie is it's when as well as everything kind-of popping out the screen you feel the wind and snow fall's on you and hail stones rush past your feet. I thought it was pretty extraordinary.

Another museum that I actually really enjoyed (minus the hoards of school children running about) was The Museum of Natural History. Obviously we didn’t manage the whole museum in one day but what we did manage was pretty extraordinary. As childish as it is, we were both so excited to see the dinosaur skeletons as they have a whopping collection of them and before this I can't remember the last time I saw one. They had pretty much every dinosaur that come's directly to mind one of my favorites was the Geochelone Tortoise skeleton it was HUGE and had a smiling face. However the museum does hold other exhibits and so time to move on. It had exhibits that we saw on both African and Asian mammals, which are stuffed and put into dioramas of their natural habitat. We ventured into the underwater creature exhibit where we very quickly went around, as there were about three separate school groups, which I suspect is just a daily thing there. This museum is pretty spectacular, we just paid for the cheapest pass each but they had on some really interesting paid exhibits that we both would have liked to have seen. One where they had over 200 live and different coloured frogs so if you ever go to New York then this is I'd say an absolute must even if your not really into the whole tourist-y thing.

The Museum of Sex. What can I say? Saw the name, had to go. It didn’t disappoint. The front room is the shop that is very brightly lit with upbeat music playing and (very) large selection of sex toy's, book's and games with of course a never ending amount of flavored condoms, then there's a downstairs entrance to the bar where I'm told (as I'm under their state drinking age) they serve cocktails that get your up and running, ready for some.... Fun. The entrance to the museum is on the shop floor and once you've paid your admission your submerged into porn and it's history starting with the earliest silent film era porn where the most action a guy get's is seeing a ladies ankles up to the rough and sweaty much more explicit porn of today. You then go through to the next room that looks at sex in film and T.V. such as Kids and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Oh and through both the film sections a not particularly lovely man with his *cough* mail order bride *cough* *cough* loudly exclaimed how "Oh! haha I know this one, hehe not like I've seen it (winking)" hmmmmm  no-one wanted to know. His poor wife must have been mortified. I mean of course I didn’t expect the place to be empty of people like this, but honestly Fuck off no one is actually interested in all the movies you've wacked off to! However we waited until he was a few rooms in front before we moved forward and thank god because we walked into the S&M section that (thank-god, because it's not my thing) they didn’t have any porn playing and it was just the photographs of people dressed in kinky latex suits and gas masks. They also had some Real Dolls on display which I've always wanted to see in real life because the idea is so fascinating and I've always wanted to know just how human they feel, luckily for us they had a Real Doll penis and vagina that we could touch! To be honest they’re a bit cold and kind of clammy and weak feeling I think to ever make me want to go in the doll direction. You then walk into the cartoon section that once again starts off with the earliest forms of cartoon porn where the cartoon is in black and white and a simple outline of a guy pushing his large penis around in a wheelbarrow. Then slowly moves forward to porn in comics and reworking of Disney character’s before looking at anime porn which is a little bit too disproportioned to me and it's the frame transitioning’s aren’t very smooth but then again I'm probably full of nothing but criticism as anime is not very exciting normally for me.

Part 4 coming soon! Sorry for the long wait we're in the process of moving YAY! 

Lot's of Love
                Audrey Megan

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