Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Disney Effect

Before I start this post I just want everyone to be aware that I am not exactly a Disney movie fan. I repeat not a fan! However about 89% of the time they manage to make me emotional, I guess I’m a sucker for a happy ending. I discovered this not so seemingly well-hidden secret when I watched the mind-numbing Disney princess flick Tangled with my friend one lazy Sunday. Oh, don’t get me wrong I think I lost a few brain cells in the process and the ending was hardly a surprise but the warm fuzzies got to me and I felt the cry building in the back of my throat as I fought against my sudden bout of ‘hay-fever.'

Now this wasn’t the first time I’d been hit by the Disney bat but it’d been a long time since I’d watched one of these tear-inducers. So I was somewhat shocked by my girly reaction to Rapunzel’s happy ending. Thinking, that this was probably a one-time reaction in reminisce of what-once-was.

Monday caught me watching the 1998 version of The Parent Trap, which seemed much shorter when I was younger, and Lindsey Lohan’s twin characters more stylish. But hey that’s the 90’s for you! Anyway long story short the parent’s fall madly in love again, (thanks to the twins) after not seeing each other for 11 years. And, OH God!!! There was that feeling of emotion again, which I shoved right back down as no Disney movie will ever get the better of me! Pixar’s UP on the other hand makes me cry at least three separate times per viewing at last count!


So why is it that Disney movie’s jerk not only mine, (and after a super quick Google) many peoples tear ducts? There are so many way’s in which Disney could be dissected, It could be that many of us due to the obvious superiority of the character’s, fear that we as common people will never attain such a level of happiness, never mind deserve it. OR there is there is we’re too scared to take the leap of faith into love that so many of the princesses and talking animals manage to do. OR is Disney teaching us some sort of compassion whereby we are conditioned from a young age to be happy within another’s happiness. There is a smorgasbord of options to consider, a lot more than I have mentioned here each more outlandish and possible than the last.

But then again to those of us who have neither the time nor the patience to worry about the perhaps evil motives of Disney: Perhaps we should enjoy the ride into the impossible? I for one know that I long for a happy ending (not right now mind you I have plenty of living to do yet) as much as I long for perfection. Perhaps in spite of all their 2D glory I see a piece of me in them an idealized yet unattainable beauty: Tall, slim and tough when the time comes. Thing’s that a good portion of woman long for and I for one personally long for. Not that I see Disney as a big contribution into my body issue’s but I feel the more I delve into it the more I understand my reactions.


Somewhere I want to be a Disney princess, and maybe it doesn’t matter that I’m about to turn nineteen. I think that no matter my age I will always long for the fairytale ending: The prince or pirate swooping down and saving me from some inevitable doom… Oh gosh, just listen to me! In my defense I’m writing this at 12.45 at night so excuse my rambling! But I would be interested to hear your thoughts on Disney so if you want you can comment me below or contact me via twitter here.

Lots of Love
                     Audrey Megan

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