Thursday, 9 June 2011

Take a deep breath...

I've always had a bit of a thing for Zac Posen and when Coco Rocha posted her photos of the new collection I swear I spent about a half and hour on fashionologie just wondering over the dresses especially. They are absolutely stunning!  
The collection is mainly monochromatic with sudden bursts of gold sequins, red chiffon and baby blue satin. The collection follows an "American Royalty" theme. Uber-femme with hourglass silhouettes and an amazing quality of craftsmanship the collection has reinstated Posen back into the business with a bang after the mixed feelings over his previous collections. Oh, if a both had a place to wear and enough money to afford this I would most defiantly invest in the finale.

Ahhhh, gorgeous isn't it, Coco definitely does it justice

Lots of Love
               Audrey Megan

P.S. The sky looks so amazing right now: A mixture of teal and burnt orange!!!

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