Friday, 10 June 2011

Rainy day film

It's one of those day's when all you want to do is stay home snuggled up in bed and watch movies because everything outside the window is cold and grey and wet, sopping I think would be a better word. For if I went out that is how I would return. So today I have occupied myself with a range of fascinating activities like making delicious pita pizzas for lunch nom nom nom, capsicum, tomato and avocados. I should have gotten Jake to take a picture but alas at the time all I wanted to do was munch them down. I also made an effort to watch what I normally wouldn't scoping Vimeo for good film. However I somehow ended up on a terrible Zombie film which lasted about 17 minutes, wired how I continue to watch stuff even when it's terribly boring.... But I did find a couple of what I consider to be good.
This first one is called Extremities, and is actually a skating video, I know, I know, I'm not into skating either really. But I thought the camera placement was really good and it's not very long. So it's defiantly worth a look.

The second one tat I want to share is called Half and it follows two women, I think it's quite interesting because It seems like there's something going on underneath it all that we never find out about and I really want to know if the diaries get mixed up and what the woman's feeling's towards each other after their brief meeting is. Anyway here it is. Have a watch and see what you think.

Half from Alex Bohs on Vimeo.

This last video is six drummers breaking into an elderly couples apartment and before you think "Oh, god! Here comes the part about how cool it is to make music out of household objects," don't worry I'm not going to spiel on about there originality etc etc etc.... But when you do watch it please shut your eyes, for a visual treat this is not, not to say it's terrible it's just the audio is like some weird tribal, polish techno mix made out of tooth brushes and slippers.

Lots of Love
          Audrey Megan


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my film on your amazing blog! So honored/thankful for your support! Sending lots of love your way!

    Have an amazing day! :)

    -Alex Bohs (Director of "Half")

  2. That's quite alright! I really liked the film :)

    Thank's so much for commenting!

    Audrey Megan