Friday, 3 June 2011

Holiday's... Finally!

Wow, so huge apology for not writing on here sooner I've been hard out with Uni, trying to get all my assignments handed in on time, and would you believe I was actually organized this half-semester!! I would have written yesterday night but it was my starting night for my holidays and I had a massive mind block, so no idea what to write about.
Anyway yesterday afternoon after my final assignment test I went down to the library with my boyfriend to stock up on books for the holidays (because it's been ages since I’ve read anything just for self-indulgence and not connected with cultural views on anything and everything. I got only got two books out, as even though the Wellington library is massive and has multiple copies of nearly every book imaginable (except Warhol’s diaries, they have none.. Why is that?) All the books I really wanted to read were checked out. So I ended up getting The Sartorialist and M.I.L.K's Love: A Celebration of Humanity.
I haven't yet had the chance to flick through The Sartorialist, I did have a good look at the M.I.L.K book, which is a collection of photographs showing Love at all ages and between all ages, It is incredibly beautiful and I don't think photographs have ever had that kind of effect on me before, I'll admit I did get teary. The forward is written by Kim Phuc, the woman whose image as the girl from the Vietnam War is famous for it's hauntingly terrible insight into the effects of war. I most defiantly recommend picking up this book, and really looking at it. One of the series in this book is of a husband and wife, in the husband's last days in his battle against cancer. It is incredibly moving the way in which she looks at him and her love towards him seems to erupt out of the page. It's hard to explain and you have to see it yourself to understand the effects of this photo.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any pictures to put up so I guess you'll have to find it for yourselves, and trust me you won't regret it! 

Lots of Love
            Audrey Megan

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