Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Free time? Keep it

I'm not a big fan of the sequel movie as a whole, generally I think sequel's are a waste of time, so usually I wouldn't agree to going to see one, however my cousin had free tickets and I hadn't seen her in yonks and I didn't particularly feel like hanging around in my flat. Hence the reason I can now regretfully say: "Yes, I have seen The Hangover Part 2". 
OK yes the first movie isn't exactly on my top ten list, but I could appreciate the mind-numbing humor and the story didn't drag too much. Now I'm sure that many of you know the narrative of The Hangover and if you don't you can always click here. The change in the narrative is slim, instead of a tiger there's a drug-pushing monkey, a tattoo instead of a tooth and a missing brother rather than a groom. All the ingredients for a good movie? Apparently not. The movie had a tendency to drag on and about the only merit to this film was the actor who played Teddy, oh and the end...

Lots of Love
             Audrey Megan

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