Thursday, 6 October 2011

When did tacky become chic?

Sitting with coffee in hand browsing through Internet shopping a reoccurring thought came to mind: At what point did tacky become chic? Now before you all go, whoa, whoa! Back down there Audrey, I'm not attacking the craze... Well, not quite if I’m honest the majority of "Tacky Chic" I look at with distaste, although I do believe tacky chic can be done well. For example I find that Lady Gaga pull's it off quite well, but this maybe as she carries an air of class. Whereas Katy Perry tends to not, due to her (excuse me) but supposed willingness to "put-out." Yes, Lady Gaga does also flaunt her sexuality however I find it to always be in a much more self-empowered way in relation to Katy.  

The classy tacky is incredibly hard to replicate, and of course it's near impossible when everyday life isn't in the same context in which Gaga lives. The internet has of course been onto this so-called new trend, for a while now so I’m hardly commenting on anything new, and I’m not against the internet's exploitation of this it's a great money maker I’m sure. However it has managed to increase the number of 90's style imitator’s as well as over-priced plastic shoes and mustache themed everything.

Jeffrey Campbell

I have a preference for the classic's, although I wouldn’t been seen dead in a pair of Doc's I like the original’s much more than the new patent floral designs that are made in China, and I much prefer real to faux be it leather, fur (I know, horrible person) or label's. Speaking of label's and more specifically high end. One tacky chic designer who come's to mind is of course Jeremy Scott whose latest collection doesn’t disappoint in terms of tacky chic. True to form he uses a rainbow palette and mixture of unconventional patterns. Jeremy Scott does not appeal to my better sense's and yet he pull's model's from the top of the ranks and make's mega buck's selling imitation Coca-Cola bottle dresses and sunglasses patterned coats. So am I the only one who doesn’t get it? The last clothing snob left?

Jeremy Scott Spring RTW 2011

Sometime's I feel like I am, but then I remember I'm wearing my mum's old pig patterned jumper, that sometime's Jeremy Scott does get it right and that there's alway's Chanel.

Jeremy Scott Spring RTW 2011

Chanel Spring RTW 2011

Lot's of Love
                   Audrey Megan

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