Monday, 24 October 2011

Lace Knickers Zine

So with uni officially finished I now how four month's in which to work, sleep and..... do nothing.  

No, no not really not at all, it's third day in and all ready I’m biting at the bit. Yesterday we went down to the public library that has quite a large (in my opinion) Zine collection. I have noticed these before and had a brief flick though but I've never taken much notice until now. I've found that I'm one of those people that hate's not having anything to do, I feel fat, lazy and ignorant when I sit about browsing the web for the millionth time. Not that I don't love it, but ooooh I get frustrated sitting down with no aim. So I have decided to create my own Zine, there's a chance it won't follow the traditional format with lots of hand-rendered content because I love the crisp, clean feel of a magazine. But it will be a random assortment of photo's, art, fashion, stories, love and what ever else pour's out of my head and onto the screen/ page.

I've done a few draft pages’ pages already and due to printing costs the whole lot will be black and white. I'm thinking standard envelope size so longish and not very wide. But I'll have it all worked out soon enough. I hope to have the Zine finished by the time I leave for New York, that way I can scatter a few around when I get there, and a few around Wellington and in all the in-between place's. I'm so excited now, that I can hardly wait. 

The Zine will be called Lace Knickers, because in a way it'll be an extension of my blog, and who knows if there's enough interest I might make it a quarterly affair, but I must calm down and stay on track. Here's a few picture's of my draft page's. But they'll most likely change with time.

Anyway, lots to do!

Lots of Love
                    Audrey Megan

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