Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween! - Sunday Best

I love, love, love the holiday's and can't resist celebrating them to the fullest extent. So obviously I had to do Halloween! Yes, I know it's not actually Halloween yet but seeing as it falls on a Monday the majority of Halloween party's was last night (Saturday). Jake and I went to a party thrown by Good as Gold (fantastic shop) where the theme was dead rockstars. Easy, peasy theme for guy's but not quite so much for girls. So I decided to improvise and went as Andy Warhol's superstar instead, Edie Sedgwick. She was amazing and beautiful, with superb style but had an unfortunate taste for drugs.

I found a cute, but very, very large stripy shift dress at recycle boutique's vintage shop. Which I had to alter to fit, but it's so nice and silky and I’m certainly going to wear it again. Now Edie wore heaps and heaps of make-up, which I usually never do so I'm not very skilled at applying, I used this tutorial by pixiwoo to help me perfect the Edie look. 

Anyway, the night was fantastic and I got quite a few compliments on my look, and thank god because it took me agesssss to apply two set's of false lashes on my top eyelids.

Dress: Jerell of Texas, from Recycle Boutique (Vintage)
Earrings: Bling

Lot's of Love
                  Audrey Megan

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