Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday Best

I love Sunday's, but then again who doesn’t? Our lazy Sunday’s consist of waking up at ten followed by two cups of coffee and a walk down to the waterfront for the Sunday fruit and veg market. The great thing about the waterfront market is the abundance of dog's out for walk, and the stall for Simply Paris (My favorite Café), + it was the perfect excuse to wear my new shoes! Which were deliciously comfortable.  
On the way to the supermarket we passed the library and picked up season's 2 & 3 of Sex and the City, (both Jake and I are hooked) and walked past the most gorgeous dogs that were taller than a miniature pony!

Headscarf: Portmans
Shirt: Vintage Jessica's Gunnies
Skirt: Homemade
Purple Stockings: Boots
Shoes: Overland

The super-cute Leonberger dogs.

Oh and when we got back Jake made me a super yummy breakfast on banana's on French toast, using baguette's that I had to run through the rain that had appeared on the way home.

Lot's of Love
                     Audrey Megan

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