Thursday, 21 July 2011

When life presents a challenge battle with... Irony?

So, I know I have seemingly joined the ranks of the many bloggers that went under in three months! BUT! I am determined to trudge on and continue writing this! 

So as I mentioned a looong time ago I'm going to NYC in November and in order to ensure that I am able to go and exhibit, and experience I am doing a few fundraisers! My first one is tomorrow and gosh I hope it doesn't rain. Ironically I'm doing a sausage sizzle, which is doubled by the fact that while I am vegan my boyfriend and helper is vegetarian.... I know it's quite the gimmick. 

Of course I had to advertise the event around my uni and so I tried my hand at graphic design! eeek and well I found that I am defiantly not cut out to be a graphic designer. But I think it will do the job, what do you think?

Well, I now must go off and buy 75 sausages, hmmmm it still doesn't quite feel natural...

Lots of Love
                  Audrey Megan

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