Saturday, 23 July 2011

Day to Day Design

Well, the sausage sizzle was a flop! I mean I did have the odds stacked against me:
1) It was Friday and nobody (!) Goes to uni on a Friday
2) It was Windy and Rainy

So I earnt $34 therefore gaining a $3 profit! Great! NYC here I come! Just kidding. However I do plan on doing one in the city next weekend so fingers crossed I sell all my sausages and make a bit of dough!

However, that hardly makes for an interesting blog post so moving on!

Ok, so I have a secret, I'm a bit of a collector / hoarder, and no not the type that can't see their floor and are seen on 20/20. Actually as soon as I find something not in regular use I usually throw it out as I can't stand clutter, so I'm making a bit of a contradiction! But when I do find interesting business cards, tags or unused napkins I take them away with me and have built up a bit of a collection! 

So I have taken / gotten Jake to take a few photos of my favorites, all of these are quite recently collected too:

I picked this one up when I recently buying a jacket from this shop I love the simplicity and it's very reminiscent of the Chanel card lower down.

I haven't actually been here, but it's a hairdressers and it's very cute from what I've seen through the windows. It’s all very stylized with retro hairdryers in the window and funky furniture.

This is a cute little vintage boutique that specializes in men’s wear, but they do have a few women's items and it's situated next to my all time favorite vintage shop Aeon!

This is adverting a German art exhibition at my university, which I really keep meaning to go to .he design is very simple But I like the semitransparent nature of the colored text.

Very similar to the Marcs one above, but Chanel did do it first. This was a perfume sample when way back at the beginning of the year I was searching for my perfect scent. But anyway I love the clear cut spaced lettering and the simple black on white.

I should possibly start to show more design-y type things on here as design is more my passion than anything else. So, I vow to try, although I am seeing the last Harry Potter tomorrow night so if it's good I'll possibly rave on about that. Ohh we shall just have to see I guess...

Lots of Love
Audrey Megan

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