Thursday, 28 July 2011

Clouds of Marshmallows

I love freebies, and so when I saw that the French Art Shop had a colouring competition, being 19 years of age, but a three year old at heart I couldn't resist! Especially when I saw the prizes! For first prize they had a complete set of veeeery expensive felt pens, that many people use in fashion design and for second prize a huge wooden box of deluxe pencils!  
Now before I go on any further and you think, "You weirdo! Trying to get one over all the kids!” Let me just explain the majority of the French Art shop's clientele are university design students and the prizes are not what you'd give to an eight year old.  
I chose the one with the most to colour in and without a race car/spaceship, and used watercolour pencils to blend, (I really want those pens!). I think that the acid trip/children's fantasy world is kind of cute, what do you think?
The sea is bubbling lava and the sky is radioactive! But the clouds are made out of marshmallows! Yum :)

Anyway the staff were really happy when I went in to hand in my entry, I don't think they got too many as most people thought it was for children. So finger's crossed!

Lots of Love
         Audrey Megan 

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