Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Late Night Cuts

 When my family came down to the city to visit me a couple of days ago we walked past Rodney Wayne, and they had a sign out looking for short hair models for their trainees to practice cutting on, and well the last time I cut my hair it was a joint effort by me and my boyfriend, neither of us are trained professionals ended up looking a tad rough and not in a good way. However I hadn't been seriously considering it, but since I set up this blog (2 days ago) I felt that I should both attempt to lead a more interesting life for both you and myself!


So I dragged my poor flat mate down to Rodney Wayne at five 'o' clock, where I then spent the next two hours with the amazing trainee Courtney who washed, cut and styled my hair into something that can be shown in public! I have to say the though the best part of the service was the head massage I got as she washed my hair, it was so relaxing that I almost shut my eyes!
Anyway the style we chose is long at the front and short at the back, a mixture of boyish and feminine, and as Courtney was being taught at the same time I got to see just how complex some of the cuts are, I always thought hair cutting was straight forward but as it turns out it's not, and my respect for hairdressers has grown considerably. Anyway you can't see the back but this is the after (below).

(and looking somewhat like a frightened goose)

Well, better dash I've got a load of homework for Uni and no time left!
Lots of love
        Audrey Megan

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