Monday, 25 April 2011

Chocolate, Bunny Ears, and a New Blog

I love Easter, I really do. I woke up this morning after being bombarded by my little brother who's excitement at the thought of chocolate for breakfast was just all too much, however mum, the ever responsible parent managed to get some rice crispies down him before he managed to start on his sugar rush. Thats the first thing I love about Easter, is how excited the little children get over the thought of rabbits delivering chocolate, the second is the fact that for once it is completely acceptable to wear bunny ears all day and thankfully my chocolate surprise came with fluffy bunny ears with dark brown silk insides, oh and of course there was a chocolate egg to go with it all nom, nom, nom!!

The third thing I love about Easter of course has to be hot cross buns, so when I came home today I made  my delighted flatmates toasted Hot crossies with butter and boysenberry jam... unfortunately taking two attempts as I burnt the first lot!!
So Easter has me feeling all happy and warm which is the complete opposite of the sky outside, it's rather inspiring, the warmth and happiness and therefore I have decided to spread the love to potential readers. I'm sure as potential readers, you would like a bit of an idea what I'm going to write about... Well, I guess you'll have to wait and see!!
Lots of Love
                Audrey Megan

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