Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Stronger Student Culture

I love university; I really do however there is one BIG part I feel that's missing from my Uni experience and that it the student culture. At my Uni we're quite little compared to other universities and our campus is incredibly spread out. When I was in High-School one of the things I most looked forward to was the student culture and the clubs and general involvement. Because you see at high-school I didn't get involved I was all wrapped up in my relationship at the time and I let such great experience's slip me by. So, new year, new opportunities I was all ready for it. So you can only imagine my disappointment when I found none.
So half way through this year (in a new healthy relationship, I may add)! I decided to try to involve myself in Massey's student politics’, SO I volunteered to be the class rep for my Critical Studies lecture. Maybe I'm just a giant geek but I was surprised that I had no one to go up against for the position or to contend for it with. The position it's-self holds many perks like free pizza at meetings, a reference for job searching and the opportunity to be granted a scholarship. However, let me quickly point out these were NOT defining factors, and I actually didn't find out until after appealing.
Anyway, about a month ago I got an email about elections for a position on the student council, I left it about a week before I nervously emailed back asking if first years could apply, thankfully the answer was yes! So, I got myself nominated for COCA executive. Now, if you don't know the executive of COCA (Collage Of Creative Arts) is the voice for all the art and design students, help's solve problem's and make's learning better for the students. However, the New Zealand Government is pushing a bill to make student association fee's optional which potentially means the end of the student association and the end of free lunches and events, but even worse the end of freedom of student speech, representation and advocacy. The even worse news here of course is that it is most likely that this bill will pass.  
So with this my dreams of a happy and close university atmosphere will be completely destroyed unless we pull together and help to save the association, creating a stronger, united student base. In a way the VSM bill could be the best thing to happen to the university culture, but only if we all pull together and help work towards our freedom. SO, if there is any Massey Wellington student's reading... Vote for me, because I swear that I will make this happen and I will work bloody hard to make sure it does.
Lots of Love
                    Audrey Megan

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